Kevin and I met 10 years ago at our kids' schools. We would bring our kids to school, drop them off and pick them up all on the same schedule. We each had two kids going to Vail Elementary, one kid each going to Jefferson Middle School and one kid each attending Spring Vail High School. Kevin and I would bump into each other everyday and it was always so nice to see each other since we were single parents raising four kids each, alone. I would attend his kids' soccer, volleyball, and football games and he would come to my kids' volleyball and baseball games. We both worked full time and to this day do not know how we both had time to maintain a household of 5, keep a fulltime job, and manage to pick up our kids, everyday. As my kids became older, they would joke with me how Mr. Hallemeyer likes me and we should go out on a date. I never had time for that and neither did Kevin. Throughout the years we kept a strong friendship and if one of us ever needed the other to pick up kids from school or practice, we were always right there for each other. About two years ago, Kevin and I were at my son's baseball games and my son happened to get 10 free baseball tickets. He mentioned how we should all go and he thought it would be nice for all of us to get out of our everyday lives. The following weekend, we went to the game as two friends and came back in love with each other. The strangest thing is that over the 8 years we knew each other, saw each other everyday, and were there for each other when the other needed help the most, we never realized that we were meant to be and loved each other. I guess we were so busy with our kids and jobs that we never took the time to realize what we both wanted. Those same qualities we possess to this day started a friendship and over the years grew into love. We are excited about getting married and making our smaller families into a new big family of 10! Wish us luck huh? :)

We want to have a beautiful, timeless wedding at St. Augustine’s right here in Stockton, Connecticut. The ceremony will start at 2:00 O'clock in the afternoon and will be lovely! It's only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the aisle wearing my elegant white wedding dress looking at Kevin in his designer tuxedo, and that special moment where we gaze in awe at how amazing and timeless we both look.

Please join us in celebrating our new lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Hallemeyer! There will be dining, dancing, drinks, live entertainment, and it will be a good time! Our wedding reception will be approximately one hour after our wedding and will be held at Enchanted Park in Stockton, Connecticut.

For those of you who will be joining us for our romantic wedding at St. Augustine’s in Stockton, Connecticut, and are traveling from afar you can book your flights and room reservations with our travel agent. To book your flights and reserve your rooms now, contact us so we can put you in touch with our travel agent.