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Sacramento, California

Highlights of Sacramento, California

California's capitol city is a wonderful destination for an exciting adventure or a romantic escape. Located along the Sacramento River in Northern California, this magical city is drenched in rich history and boasts a charming atmosphere. There is an array of activities to do and so much to see. There are magnificent golf courses that will challenge any golf lover. For the food critic, there is an endless variety of fine dining options from Greek and Mexican dishes, Italian and American specialties and French and Caribbean cuisine. Here, you can shop in downtown, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the local jazz hotspots, be fully entertained in the Esquire IMAX Theater and visit the art galleries or the zoo. Sacramento offers educational and historical activities such as the state capitol and its exquisite park and museum of California's history, the Governor's mansion and the California State Railroad Museum. Sacramento, California promises you an unforgettable vacation in an enchanting ambiance that will capture your heart and provide many memories to last a lifetime.

Destination Weddings in Sacramento

Sacramento, California is drenched in romantic charms and historical elegance, promising you an enchanting day that is timeless and just as perfect as you have imagined it would be. Exchange your vows of everlasting love in the fragrant floral gardens of a private estate or in a rolling green park on a hilltop while the soft glow of the sunset embraces your special moments. Tie the knot in an elegant hotel or in the charming beauty of a chapel where your friends and family have all gathered in honor of your new lives meshing into one. There are many destination wedding packages that include the services of a wedding coordinator to make your event as special as your love. Sacramento promises you perfection on your wedding day!

Sacramento Honeymoons

Sacramento, California is the destination for honeymoon couples seeking adventure and excitement, timeless beauty and romantic charms. There is an array of hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and resorts just waiting to accommodate you on the most important vacation of your life. Honeymoon packages are available and will help make your honeymoon as intimate and perfect as you have dreamed it would be.

Climate & Weather

Sacramento experiences a mild climate with cool ocean breezes, dry summers and mild winters. During the summer, there is plenty of sunshine but July and August are the hottest months. Winter in Sacramento is cooler and experiences rainfall but the coldest months are December and January.

Facts for the Bride & Groom

Things You Should Know

Time Zone: Sacramento, California is in the Pacific Time Zone and does observe daylight savings.
Language: English is the primary language of Sacramento but California is a melting pot where many other languages are spoken.
Currency: The currency of Sacramento, California is the U.S. Dollar ($). Banks and ATM's are located all throughout the city. If you are traveling from afar, credit cards and traveler's checks are widely accepted and most large banks will exchange foreign currencies.
Entry Requirements: Passports are not needed if you are traveling within the US. If you are traveling outside of the US to Sacramento, California, you must have a passport valid for six months after the period of your stay.